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Karen arrived at Hamilton island airport on Monday the 15th August, after running the City to Surf on Sunday. She spent 5 days with us for R&R before her upcoming interviews for orthopaedic placement and her surgical primary exams.

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Is this child getting taller, or am I getting shorter?

The weather didn’t fully co-operate and we had 4 days of strong winds and heavy rain. The breaks in between allowed us to explore Hamilton island, Airlie Beach, Stonehaven and Whitehaven beach.

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Inside the All Saints church on Hammo.

can you buy Phenytoin online

Renewing our wows. (Is this woman getting taller, or am I getting shorter?)

where to order Phenytoin

Cheeky bird trying to grab my vanilla slice.

where to buy Phenytoin tablets

Bugger off magpie, this is my customer!

She flew back to Sydney on Friday to prepare for interviews in Hornsby and Lismore the following week. The wind then suddenly dropped and the sun came out! She didn’t complain and said that being able to relax was the big prize.

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Fast downwind reach through Whitsunday passage.

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Champagne sailing

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Ja well, no fine! The water temperature in the Whitsundays is between 24 – 25 deg C at this time of the year. Ideal for snorkeling, with a rashie to keep warm. We have had Frank, Penny, Gale and Vic with us for 12 days, to explore as much as we could.

We started off with a visit to Nara inlet, followed by South Molle island. We climbed Spionkop hill which afforded good views across the Whitsunday passage to Hooke, Whitsunday and Hamilton islands.

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Walking up Spionkop.

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Lots of grass trees on the way up.

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Looking down to Esprit at anchor in the bay.

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Happy hikers at the lookout.

The wind has been variable, with strong S-E winds forcing us to stay put in Sawmill Bay for 3 days. We then worked against the wind to Hamilton island to fill up with diesel and water. Our Kiwi visitors zoomed around the island on a golf buggy, before we had a wet sail to Whitehaven beach. The weather then improved for the remainder of our time together.

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Waiting for the wind to settle.

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Hill inlet at Whitehaven beach.

can you buy Phenytoin over the counter in uk

On the way to our private beach.

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Anyone for a swim?

After a night at Tongue Bay, snorkeling at Manta Ray bay and a beach soiree at Luncheon Bay, we headed off to Bait reef, about 18 nm out to sea. The conditions were perfect to overnight in the middle of the ocean, after enjoying spectacular snorkeling on these unspoilt reefs with an amazing variety of fish.

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Vic with our resident Maori Wrasse.

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Vic with a friendly black Trevally.

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An inquisitive turtle.

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The retirees on the way back.

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Cosmo pin-ups.

Back in Airlie Beach, our guests kindly helped clean the boat, do the laundry and lavished more booze on us. Much appreciated!

After 3 months of using our water filters for re-filling in various marinas, it was necessary to replace the sediment and carbon filters which proved that mains water is not always clean.


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Three month old filters in the middle, new filters on the outside.

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Joe Schady and Mary Griffiths visited us at the end of July. We managed to show them some of the islands in the Whitsunday group during the five days they were onboard.

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Joe entering Nara inlet

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Mary and Joe paddle boarding

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Snorkeling at Manta Ray bay

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Mary and Annie at Hill inlet

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Lunch on the beach

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Landing on Whitehaven beach

Frank and Penny Tonetti arrived the day before Joe and Mary departed. Joe treated us to dinner for Penny’s 60th birthday.

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Dinner in Airlie Beach