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  1. Vanna &Peet.

    Hi julle 2 ons het nou deur al jul pragtige foto`s gegaan ai wat `n wonderlike tyd het julle nie….dis prentjie mooi en ons geniet dit deur julle oë!
    Kan nie glo dis al 2 jaar wat julle op die water is nie, tyd vlieg behoorlik as mens fun het. Sterkte vir more geniet die seil Turkye toe praat gou weer!!

    Baie liefde
    Vanna en Annie xxxx

  2. Dave Bruce

    Wow you are safely in the Med.
    Great experience for you both.
    Now for the relaxing bit of your adventure.
    Great pics of Egypt and the pyramids etc.

    I go to the Argo Saronic in 2 weeks time for a sail with a friend for 2 weeks.
    Cant wait for the warm sunshine.
    It seems you are off to Turkey which you may find relaxed without the crowds of yachts these days. I hea a lot of sailors have moved out of Turkey because of the politics and danger.
    I know this wont scare you so have a lot of fun in Turkey.
    The way their currency has collapsed it should be affordable now !!

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