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  1. Marty

    Dear Ahab and Fatima.
    Great story, and awesome pictures.
    Big Brother is watching and reports that you have been in Cyprus for a couple of days.
    I expect it is a relief to have made it through one of the most dangerous (as far as pirates go) parts of the ocean, and into the Med.
    Well done!
    Marty & Sue.
    P.S. We hope the hemmorhoids are on the Med (mend). A Johnny Cash song comes to mind…..

  2. Alec Celliers

    Hi folks, just spent the whole of Sunday afternoon catching up on your amazing escapades – unbelievable and fascinating stuff! What an adventure!
    Look forward to your next episode
    Make sure that you make time to see us when you are in Cape Town or Langebaan at the end of the year!
    Fond greetings
    Alec & Jani

  3. Gijs

    Wat een schande dat ik nu pas jullie verslag over de tocht naar Suez en het kanaal lees. Wij zijn zelf te veel weg geweest en jullie gaan zo snel! Wat een avontuur! En je beschrijving van de kanaal officials zo herkenbaar.
    Congratulations reaching the more safe waters of the Mediterranium.
    (Sorry for the Dutch. Nect time I will behalve better)

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