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  1. Marty

    Hi guys!
    I have been pretty busy and missed your posts from Phuket onwards – wow, you have covered a lot of ground…. or should I say water.
    You look like you are both having an awesome time and I bet it was great to have Karen and Michelle with you to share the experience
    Safe sailing,
    Marty & Sue.

  2. Graeme Smith

    WOW again..! While your boat was covered in desert dust, our gets covered by seagull xit..!
    Sound like a great adventure with the girls. Now for some time on your own.
    Luv, G n J
    PS: Jason and Bobbie had a son yesterday (11th) Felix Scott Smith all of 3.5kg. Very excited to welcome our second grandson..!

    • Dirk Muller

      Hi Graeme

      Congratulations to Jason & Bobbie with young Felix! Gosh, your family is growing – enjoy it!

      With regard the dust – The Red Sea Pilot states that yachts will experience at least one dust storm during a red sea passage. We are quite over it – the dust rains down every day and Esprit is looking quite sad. We will anchor in Suez this afternoon.


      Dirk & Annie

  3. Vanna &Peet.

    Hi Dirk en Anne
    Ons het sopas sit en ontbyt eet terwyl Vanna my gou op datum gebring het met julle ongelooflike reis!!!!
    was so lekker om die 2 girls te sien hulle lyk stunning!! Wel geniet elke oomblik julle is so bevoorreg om dit te kan doen ons kan julle net met bewondering volg en so ook darem die wereld deur julle oe sien.
    Baie liefde
    Vanna en Annie xxx

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