Sailing with us

We look forward to sharing our adventures with you and joining in the fun of taking a turn at the wheel, navigating, cooking, fishing, or relaxing with a book while enjoying your favourite beverage.

When planning your trip with us, we can help you figure out the easiest rendezvous point and best suitable dates, but we also need to be marginally flexible, because sailing times are greatly influenced by the weather. We have made a conscious decision to never allow the calendar to drive us when nature is not co-operating to ensure a safe passage.

Occasionally some items may not be available in our remote position, so we may make pack mules of you! We will, of course, cover these immediate and excess baggage costs.

We will expect all guests to contribute pro-rata to the cost of food, beverages, diesel and moorings whilst onboard. Your travel to and from the sailing location will be for your expense. In return, we offer sparkling conversation, lazy days discovering new places and hopefully, agreeable weather while you are on board. Enjoy the snorkelling, swimming and fishing.  A sense of humour is essential at sea!

When packing your bag, please use only a roll up, or collapsible bag, or soft backpack. Our boat has enough room for you, but storage space is limited. You wouldn’t want to make your hard roll-on airline case your bed buddy.

With friends on the way to a secluded beach in the Whitsundays.

Cosmo pin-ups on board.