This blog is simply an effort to keep track of our sailing and a few experiences along the way. Not only sailing, but also travelling. This may well serve as a viable source of remorse in our twilight years.

Since a lot of our land based friends and family may not be as familiar with boating, we will attempt to write in a way to accommodate everyone. A large readership is not our goal, nor is a literary prize. However, we may yet achieve notoriety.

You may ask why a blog? Why use a technically antiquated approach instead of the other popular social media of today? Well, besides being somewhat socially antiquated ourselves, we believe in a lifetime responsibility for our drivel – something that can only be achieved if one retains ownership.

Given the nature of our cruising plans, we probably won’t be online often enough to keep up with all that snappy social media repartee anyway. Our commenters might even surmise we are ignoring them, or worse yet, think that we just don’t care – they could be right either way. Basically, we have learned not to take ourselves too seriously.

We aim to maintain a cordial atmosphere, free from political rants, arguments and spam.

The first few posts are our attempt to create a few pages for the blog. So, just for fun, we will occasionally fake the timeline by backdating posts so they appear in some semblance of actual chronological order. We also do this because while we realize we cannot challenge you intellectually, we can keep you on your toes.

Thank you for visiting our website and blog, tolerating us and commiserating with us.

Whitehaven Beach - Whitsundays.

Whitehaven Beach – Whitsundays.